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Lala’s, our designer.

Our founders since they were children, have seen how our own ideas and dreams can be captured in drawings. However, it was not until late 2015 when the dream that they both shared of setting up their own firm took place. A fresh company, but with more than thirty years of dedication to the sector that is born with the desire of transferring the family tradition to the production of non-conventional wedding dresses.

Their origins… L´AVETIS is the magical combination within the initial of our designer’s name and AVETIS, her surname. Nevertheless, the most special part it is its meaning. Avetis in Armenian symbolizes “good news” and a wedding must always be a sign of it.

For those of you who do not know about her. . . Lala is the hands, the mind and the heart of L´AVETIS. She grew up among the patterns, fabrics and sewing machines of her previous generations. Since a very young age, she studied fashion design as well as pattern design until she later held her own atelier in Armenia, her country of origin. But years later she came to Spain. She later worked as a pattern designer and as a designer for other significant fashion companies, until she decided to start her own Made in Barcelona nuptial business. And so on. . . Up to this day!

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