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Perfect guest dressed with overdress boho

Brides 2023, this time we’re bringing a breakthrough from what the new collection will be!

In order to do so, we have done so accompanied by Sandra Majada of Invitada Perfecta who has been dressed again as a bride like L’AVETIS.

A bride look composed of two pieces. The first one is a dress semi halter slip of thirsty thiefs with a sexy crook on the back; a pattern of simple lines that creates a great fall. The second one is a boho overdress with bell-shaped sleeves and a magnificent tail. The combination of the two gives him a bohemian and romantic air at once for different brides. 

In this next collection, we’ve wanted to incorporate several designs, so that you can wear a second dress on your special day; we’ve wanted to follow the essence of our brand, where all our designs and our fabrics dream fully personalized to you. From September onwards you can find them our atelier.

We’re looking forward to seeing the new collection! 

Then let’s leave Sandra’s photos with our boho suit:


Bride | @invitada_perfecta

Headpiece | @calabylilian

Shoes | @justeneshoes

Ram | @calabylilian

Beauty | @mgbeauty_es

Localitation | @coolroomspalaciodeatocha

Civil bride dresses for intimate weddings

The civil weddings remain just as special, unique, and romantic even though they are not celebrated in a church as a traditional ceremony. We don’t find any aesthetic codes that govern what kind of piece you should wear, so there’s no doubt you’ll have to look for a look that you feel nice and comfortable with and that makes this even more special day.

Normally brides who marry in court prefer to wear simpler and less risky pieces than conventional weddings, but we encourage you to find a middle ground.

In L’AVETIS we offer ideal costumes for this kind of occasion, our designs with embroidered thrills, delicate transparencies, uncovered backs, guipure finishes, bucolic and romantic details… a set of combinations that bring elegance and naturality.

Next, we show you two perfect wedding dresses.

First of all, the classically-cut Hebe lace dress and fine strips. It is notable for its peak scot, minimalist silhouette and for the row of buttons on its back.

Secondly, the most modern cut-off Aurora dress with its openings on the sides and manga rolled in a silky gaze. It stands out for its row of buttons from the top to one of the side openings and its floral details of guipure found in the hatch, waist and sleeves.

If you’re a bride who likes to be more discreet, you have the option of combining two pieces; composed of a crop top or a blouse together of some trousers or skirts. These looks give a more casual and comfy stylism and there are brides who then reinvent some of these pieces for everyday life. It’s very trendy!

Our Diya-Zoe ensemble is composed of two pieces; a blouse with a row of buttons hidden in a loop in the central part, with fluid and long sleeves with geometrical motifs in their fist, in combination with a pair of pants. He is noted for his elegance and simplicity. This model is super versatile, then you can combine the pieces separately for different occasions.

What kind of piece would you put on for this kind of occasion?

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We owe you so much love!❤️

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